You were meant to be free!

Free from what others think YOUR life should be like.


Free from milestones that aren't yours.


Free to be IN CHARGE of your future.


I know the feeling: You can't stand your current cog-in-the-machine existence, destined to accept what life threw at you. You see LOADS of totally regular people making YOUR DREAM come true on a daily basis.


You say "Hey, this is MY DREAM", as you see others living it themselves, but you have NO CLUE how to start.


I got your back to totally take the reins and DO IT.

Your first solo backpacking adventure in 12 months max!

You have always dreamed of traveling the world.


You see people doing it.


But among wishy-washy life advice that doesn't seem feasible and people telling you this dream is not for you, you keep postponing this dream waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect conditions, the perfect amount of money - and it feels like chasing a mirage.


This training is for you!


In only 4 modules, you'll have transformed your dream into a clear and concise PLAN, and you'll be ready to book your ticket and start your journey!


Module 1 - Step into your concrete vision


Begin with the end in mind. Find out exactly what is your kind of trip, what is your traveling style, and what would your first long-term travels look like.


We'll find out what your ideal travels look like based on your definition of adventure.



Module 2 - Finding what it takes


Here we'll cover some realistic budgeting, how to achieve it, and how long it would take you to gather it.


Bonus: We'll brainstorm extra kick-ass strategies to speed up this threshold!



Module 3 - Creating the ideal moment


You've worked hard so far in the previous modules and now you have the picture, you know how to fund it. But you still have lots of little invisible ties bounding you to stay put, to maybe wait a bit more... and next thing you know 3 more years have passed.


We're always waiting for the perfect moment to start living our dreams, but let me break it to you, the perfect moment will never just come.


This module is all about creating the ideal moment.



Module 4 - Start living it!


Ultimate mindset kick to make the most out of your exciting travel experience.


Even when all seems ready, the idea of just launching yourself into the void alone and miles away from your base may sound a bit daunting.


You know that cliché image of a naive country girl or boy going to the big city with nothing but a suitcase full of dreams?


Don't be them. In this module you'll start living your new reality in your own hometown, and you'll be mentally ready to start your journey like a pro!



BONUS module - Preparing for your new life


This extra module will give you the final boost of confidence and peace of mind to  embark in your adventure with the smartest approach to your new future.


A first backpacking trip opens you to a wide range of new perspectives.


Whether what's keeping you from making your dream happen is the uncertainty about what you're gonna do AFTER your travels are over, or you haven't stopped to consider it, this module will help you devise alternatives starting NOW to make sure you can:


- make money as soon as you come back

- make money from the road! (and even travel longer)

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You were meant to be free!
You were meant to be free!
You were meant to be free!